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Apple Blossom

(2018 and onwards)

Hydrangea Series

(2018 and onwards)

Allium Series

(2012 and ongoing)



This body of work was inspired some allium plants which I grew in my garden.  The materials I used  to create them were paper, different fabrics both natural and man made and also lutrador. Beads and sequins have been added for embellishment as well as machine and hand threads in the form of stitching. Acrylic, dyes and fabric paints have been used for colouring some of the materials.


Techniques that have been used include photo transfer, mono printing and other painting techniques such as stamping,  machine stitching, hand stitching and heat gun work. A lot of the machine stitching was created using my Husqvarna software.


Allium 4

(19 1/2cm x 14 cm)

Allium 11

(13 1/2cm x 18 1/2cm)

Allium 10

(14cm x 9cm)

Allium 1

(30 1/2cm x 20cm)

Allium 8

(17cm x 12cm)




Apple Blossom Series

(2012 and ongoing)


This body of work was inspired by apple blosssom from my orchard and some design work which I created on one of the weekends which I have been attending at Missenden Abbey with Janet Edmonds, three times a year.  The materials I have used include different papers, lutrador, natural and man made fabrics, bondaweb, sequins, beads and threads.


I have used several different techniques for decorating the materials including mono-printing, stamping and free hand drawing as well as spraying and painting.  I have used a heat gun to distress areas and  to reveal  the fabrics underneath and have used sewing software to create stitched areas as well as adding additional free machine and hand stitching when needed.

Apple Blossom 4

(30cm x 40cm)

Apple Blossom 1

(30cm x 40cm)




Apple Blossom 2

(30cm x 40cm)





Falling Leaves


My "Falling Leaves" wall hanging was made as an assessment piece for a City and Guilds Machine Embroidery Diploma course.  It was constructed out of demin cotton knitted squares which were distressed and embellished using an embellishing machine.  Stitching and beading were added, and the pieces were made of bonded sheers and other rust dyed fabrics which were sown and wired, before being attached to wrapped cords.  It was inspired by autumn leaves falling in my garden, and a trip to Japan.

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