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 Over the many years that I have been quilt making, I have constructed many different styles of quilts from traditional to contemporary.  The three areas that I seem to be attracted to most are naïve folk art style quilts of all shape and size, modern textured quilts, often with an organic theme and traditional quilts which I like to use and display in my home.  The main link within these themes is a subconscious practice to include appliqué within my designs.  I find that I am inspired constantly and enjoy the freedom to use which ever style suits my creativity at that time.

Allium Series

Embroidery Galleries

 I decided to study machine embroidery because I wanted to introduce more texture into my quilt making, and this has helped me considerably in being able to express my ideas in a practical way.     I have also found that I feel drawn to use all the new skills which I have learnt to make other textile pieces, such as embroideries, books and accessories. 

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